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I just spent the last 3 ½ months working as the head teacher at a primary school in Chingola, Zambia (which is in south-central Africa for those who have never heard of it). The Fractus Learning blog would have been so beneficial to me in Zambia. I donated 3 iPads to the school and I would have liked to have known more about using them in the classroom while I was there. Fractus Learning gives so many great ideas for using iPads in the classroom, as well as many other technological tools. What I really like about this blog is the format and use of lists. I’m a list person. So here my list of 5 reasons why I like Fractus Learning:

  1. Insights from around the world – I was immediately intrigued by the Fractus Learning blog because the first blog entry I saw was titled, “Making Maths Meaningful with Scratch.” I immediately thought that the writers must be foreign because throughout my 22 years of life in the US, I have never heard anyone in the US refer to mathematics as “maths.” In Zambia however, most of the subjects are always referred to in the plural form (maths, spellings, sciences, etc.). As I read more about the blog, I learned that the Fractus Learning team is based overseas in Dublin, Ireland, but they have writers from all around the world. This explains the use of “maths.” I love that they offer ideas from all over.
  2. Lists – Like I said, I love lists. We’re all so busy and have things to do. Give me the good stuff and leave it at that. Many of the blog posts on Fractus Learning are short lists loaded with good information.
  3. Relatable – They have ideas and suggestions for teachers in pre-k all the way through college. Any teacher can benefit from looking at this blog.
  4. Simple language – Technology information can easily become confusing to the common user. These posts are simple and easily understood.
  5. More than technology – They know there is more to teaching than just the use of technology, so they post about other topics, such as motivating students, books to read, educational reform, and free resources (yes please!).

So if you need some new ideas or help using technology in the classroom, check out Fractus Learning.


One thought on “Blogging about a Blog – Fractus Learning

  1. Thats awesome that you spent 3 and a half months in Zambia and could donate iPads! This seems like a very useful blog that you found. I like reason number 2, lists are a very easy way to view information in a quick way. Lists combined with the simple language is probably a quick and useful way to learn new things about teaching and technology. Thanks for exploring this resource, I will definitely be looking at it!

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